For the last several weeks G4tv has been showing re-runs of “Arrested Develoment”, the critically loved, audience-ignored FOX show that was cancelled earlier this year.  Love it!  Though “The Office” has been filling the comedy tv void for me, seeing Michael, GOB and Buster again gives me this warm, fuzzy, happy feeling.  I have no idea what G4tv is, but they are ok in my book.



Ok, the third and fourth quarters sucked, but the first half rocked. The Chicago Bears beat the 49ers 41-10. Not bad! They are now officially 7-0. Is it too early to say “Superbowl?”

chicago-bears.jpgMy Chicago Bears are playing the 49ers this afternoon, and they are STOMPING them back to San Francisco! Currently the score is 31-0, first quarter. This is making up for Grossman’s horrific performance in Arizona two weeks ago. Go Bears!!!!

Welcome fellow blogger.

I’m back. This is actually the third blog I have started in the last couple of years, though the other two were on Blogger. What went wrong with the others? Well, let’s just say I started to get paranoid about who was reading my blogs. It’s hard to actually be free with your writing when you are worrying about your employer or non-immediate family member reading it.

I turned 30 in May, and this is my first official blog entry as a 30-something year old. My husband, who is 36, went through this whole transition thing 6 years ago. I, however, am new to it. There is something that definitely changes when you turn 30, whether you realize it right away or not. In my 20’s I did what I wanted, was successful in my work, personal and family life. There was a sense of freedom and positiveness. I never worried about money or my future, I just lived for the moment and everything always seemed to work itself out. Now I’m 30, and the way I lived in my 20’s just doesn’t seem to work any more. It’s kind of that “Now I have to grow up” thing. I find myself with a marriage, mortgage and car payment; most of my friends are married and have either had kids or gotten a divorce. Life is changing and you have to change with it.

Now that I have a personal laptop computer it makes it easier to blog, which I did enjoy in the past. So, I’m back. I figured this blog is good for another 9-1/2 years, so it will work.